Caron Pour Un Homme Le Soir - Eau de Parfum Man Fragrance

Caron Pour Un Homme Le Soir - Eau de Parfum Man Fragrance

Caron Pour Un Homme - Eau de Toilette Man Fragrance


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Starting with the finest quality French lavender, the House of CARON’s founder, Ernest DALTROFF, had the bold idea to blend it with an ingredient from the other end of the olfactory spectrum: vanilla. An unexpected alchemy that now seems like the obvious choice. One is fresh and typically masculine while the other is smooth and rich, and generally associated with women’s fragrances. This duo, subtly enhanced with essence of Turkish rose, gradually reveals a masterful amber accord combining styrax, opoponax and musk.
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Base noteAmber, Moss, Musl, Tonka bean, Vanilla
Middle noteCedar, Clary sage, Coriander, Geranum, Heliotrope, Rose, Rosewood
Top noteBergamot, Levander, Lemon, Rosemary
Product TypeEau de Toilette
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Caron was born from a singular vision. That of Ernest DALTROFF, an exceptionally open-minded man with unlimited curiosity and exceptional sensitivity. Having become a perfumer thanks to his love for flowers, he let his experience of the world inhabit his soul. As for Félicie WANPOUILLE, she was gifted with an extraordinary intuition. They developed between the two of them an instinctive understanding of their era. Bold and unclassifiable, mysterious and revolutionary, their duo embodied a rejection of conformity in styles, a stance that became the signature of CARON fragrances. A new duo Even today, Caron vision opens the way for generous and singular creations driven by a stunning tandem: Ariane de ROTHSCHILD and Jean JACQUES. She’s a seasoned businesswoman and a tireless traveler and he’s an energetic designer, a talented perfumer, and a music fanatic. Two passionate spirits, curious about everything and fiercely independent… Between the two of them operates an unending creativ