KAJAL Homme - Eau de Parfum Man Fragrance

KAJAL Homme - Eau de Parfum Man Fragrance

KAJAL Homme II - Eau de Parfum Man Fragrance


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Refinement and elegance are collective attributes that come with the choices that a person makes and the way they carry themselves. With this in mind, we introduce KAJAL HOMME II, a new fragrance created to complement your charm, charisma and uniqueness. The top notes include intricately blended fresh nuances: green note accords and an herbal combination of lavender, clary sage, and rosemary. In the middle, subtle vibes of clove and cinnamon give a whiff of spiciness. This is offset with a unique peach aroma that, when mixed together with the spices, transforms the scent into a unique masterpiece that has a refined fruity undertone. The star ingredient of KAJAL HOMME II is the Virginia cedarwood that gives the entire perfume the elegance that it so profoundly exudes. Musk, woody notes, and moss along with saffron, warm sweet notes and a rich patchouli round off the scent in the base for a perfect long-lasting effect. The scent was created in collaboration by the talented Spanish Master Perfumer, Rosendo Mateu.
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Base noteMusl, Oakmoss, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Sweet notes, Woody notes
Middle noteCedar, Cinnamon, Clary sage, Peach, Rosemary
Top noteAmber, Bergamot, Green notes, Lemon
Fragrancecitrus, woody
Product TypeEau de Parfum
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Kajal Perfumes Paris is a fragrance house that was created out of the love of luxury perfumes and scents. The company is registered in Paris, France with marketing and product development offices located in Toronto, Canada. Sales and logistics offices are operated out of Dubai, UAE. The brand inspiration comes from the beauty world: kajal meaning kohl in the Indian culture - a natural product that protects and beautifies the eyes. Kajal also draws inspiration from the Arabic word khajal – modesty, humility and kindness in dealing with the people that surround us.