Swiss Perfection RS 28 Cellular Anti Dark Spot Serum - Woman Serum

Swiss Perfection RS 28 Cellular Anti Dark Spot Serum - Woman Serum

Swiss Perfection RS 28 Cellular Rejuvenation - Woman Serum


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Protects sensitive skin with a replumping and hydrating effect. RS-28 Cellular Rejuvenation Serum is the first step in age prevention. This serum protects skin from premature aging and external aggressors. Its potent formula relieves inflammation to protect cell structure. It replumps skin, maintaining ideal hydration levels, and ensuring optimal moisturization and elasticity in the outer skin layers. Apply every morning and evening, pressing slowly into skin.
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A father and son The father, a Swiss philanthropist and owner of a world-renowned anti-aging clinic, achieved international recognition with cellular research and developed the first cellular skincare line based on animal cells. With a thoughtful, visionary approach to the ever-changing environment, the son worked relentlessly to build on the father's findings by turning his quest to the kingdom of plants. Worldwide research resulted in a discovery close to Montreux, Switzerland: a plant cell with superior anti-aging performance, which is now used by Swiss Perfection in its key ingredient "Cellular Active IRISA®". Cellular Heritage Swiss Perfection is the first brand to apply vegetal cellular extraction technology to cosmetics. Using the Cellular Active IRISA® complex, the company carries on the legacy of a pioneering Swiss family, with the goal to continuously provide the most advanced solutions in Anti-Aging skin care.