V Canto Leon - Extrait de Parfum Unisex Fragrance

V Canto Leon - Extrait de Parfum Unisex Fragrance

V Canto F. Da Montefeltro - Extrait de Parfum Unisex Fragrance


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The creation is inspired by Sigismondos great antagonist and friend, Federico da Montefeltro, Duke of Urbino and highly skilled strategist, but above all a far-sighted patron who was able to bring beauty to his kingdom and to those around him. As skilled in battle as he was in art, he always surrounded himself with famous architects and painters to ensure that he had many creators of wonder at his court. We find this impetuous wonder encapsulated in F. da Montefeltros creation, which was inspired by them. The fragrance opens with a sweet, fruity bouquet in contrasting fougère notes, in which the notes of Sicilian Grapefruit, Romagna Peach embraced by Blackcurrant from Provence emerge sparklingly, counterpointed by the aromatic strength of Bulgarian Lavender. This energetic head rests on a rich and perturbing middle note, enveloped in scents of magnetic seduction thanks to the allure of Imperial Magnolia and Ylang Ylang, blended with precious and regal Tuscan Iris and Florentine Lily of the Valley, sustained by the aphrodisiac strength of Ambergris and Gurjam Balm. The base of this imperial creation is built on an intoxicating blend of exotic woods, echoing Indian Patchouli and Sandalwood embraced by the freshness of Cuban Cedar and the hypnotic sweetness of Madagascar Vanilla, emphasised by the strength of precious Cambodian Oud. F. da Montefeltro encapsulates the aristocratic essence of inner strength, in a slipstream of mysterious and seductive olfactory echoes, inspired by the royal soul.
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The V Canto Collection is inspired by one of the most beautiful love stories in the world: the love for one's roots and native land. The Terenzi family has lived near the Castello di Gradara, one of the oldest castles in Italy, for over 700 years. Setting down roots among the beautiful hills, the woods and the blue Adriatic sea, it is a family of travelers and explorers who loves to return to their home made of scents and colors dominated by the blue velvet shades of the sea after every adventure. From this wild but beautiful area comes, in fact, much of the creative energy and love for beauty that distinguishes all of Terenzi’s artworks. Breathing the air under the big tower, rich in history and secrets, walking among the high walls of the castle, in the past defended by the Avi with their lives, building castles in the sand on the seashore and dreaming while standing on the highest peak of the cliff, brings the soul closer to what we were and lets us glance through history.